The Exhibition: "Hot off the Presses"

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Photo Gallery

An exhibition of the history of Local Printing in Alnwick provided an excellent backdrop for the unveiling of the refurbished Albion Hand Printing Press to the public.

The actual research and work in putting the whole thing together was undertaken by a small team, mainly comprised of volunteers VM & BT.

The site of the Printing Exhibition

The "Hot off the Presses" Exhibition

The first printers in Alnwick town

The influence of Catnach upon the town's printing trade

A sample of some of William Davison's imagery

Work from three of the other local printers

The Alnwick Mercury newspaper

The Alnwick & County Gazette, later the basis of the now Northumberland Gazette

Some of Alnwick's other newspapers

The wide range of rich graphics from past newspapers

More examples of local work

A display cabinet including The Davison Bible and a selection of bookbinding and printing tools

Part of the Printing Exhibition, showing the Albion Hand Printing Press

Our Albion Hand Press -- built in 1857

Printing -- for the poor and rich alike

The Alnwick Journal

The Alnwick Guardian

Old Gazette works

The Gazette semi-Jubilee

A display on more modern printing methods

The Northumberland Gazette

Various items printed by William Davison

The Press in pride of place, complete with "Please Do Not Touch" sign on the tympan