Printing Workshops

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Printing Workshops

We were able to use the talents of many local people who had worked in the local printing industry, as well as experts from outside the area.

In addition, we were able to call upon the talents of a local commercial printer plus two Community Educational professionals.

Here are just a few of the photos taken from such public workshops.


Checking the type

Some of the print type is so small!!!

The Albion Press, frisket up and ready for the paper to be placed on the upraised type

The Albion Press producing an original print!

The paper is secured to the underside of the paper tympan, so that it faces down upon the ink-laden up-facing print type

The paper had been face down upon the type, rolled in under the main stands of the press, and compressed downwards by way of the lever handle

As can be seen, the type is carefully set and packed and wedged tightly into place in the wooden frame, before having printer's ink appled to the type faces with a rubber roller

The press and type before inking and printing -- note the pliers on the table, along with tweezers an essential tool when working with such small metal and wooden type and packing units

Children were especially interested in the concept of creating a printed work

Some of the visitng workshop printers brought in their own machines to demonstrate the variety of small presses available

When there's an expert about, it all looks so easy!!

Yet another successfully created piece of printing history !

It seems that it's not just the youngsters that are interested! Note the shiny metal lengths at the side of the boxes of type: they are used to hold the type for setting before they go into the "frame" for printing

An interesting type piece catches the eye ...

Two young aprentices, setting their type ...

With this printer, the paper is on the "pressing" plate, with the type securely screwed into a metal frame, facing outwards

The paper is pressed in, will it print correctly?

Another youngster being shown how to select type, set it "backwards" so that it prints "forwards", and use spacers and packing as required


Note the quoin key (white) sticking up from the tray that the leading printer is working on -- this is used to twist and tighten certain packing pieces, ensuring that the printing type is completely secured

More type selection, with a better view of the setting trays with variable tightener for different lengths

The insides of the press being explained! Many small presses such as this have the typeface inked by rollers which pass up and down over the metal lettering as the lever at the front operating the "press" to bring the paper forwards activates

Casting an expert eye over the typeface!! Most beginners make many mistakes, until they become used to the "reverse" trend of the text

And now to try the Albion Press ....

Another satisfied customer! Note thr large rubber roller in the foreground, along with the ink palette knife, plus the bottle of methylated spirits for cleaning

The white paper is known as the tympan and provides the contact surface for the metal press that pushes the paper and inked type together

A perfect picture of how the paper is rolled into place, face down onto the inked typeface, and pressed down to print

Print drying racks, purchased as part of the Project.

A quite original and totally authentic souvenir of using the Albion Press